As we look forward, Clovis residents are saying they want us to continue operating with the core values that define our uniqueness and that have preserved our history.

  1. Clovis must continue to have a vision for itself.
  2. Local Clovis government must continue being transparent and remain accessible for resident engagement.
  3. High standards of competence must remain the entry level standard for staff and elected officials
  4. Clovis must remain the safest city in the Valley.
  5. Solid planning, innovative design, creative solutions, solvency, and strong financial management must continue as the minimum operational standard for our city’s departments and public institutions because that is the path to stability and self-sufficiency.
  6. Because rising tides lift all boats, Clovis must continue pursuing collaborative solutions to regional issues, knowing that our self interest is best served by progress on our shared interests.

Institutional competency becomes a growing challenge as cities and their processes grow more complex. Most of us experience large institutions as more complex, less flexible, less personal, more focused on managing a transaction on the system’s terms, and less capable of being accountable for providing real solutions to real people – that the system works more for those in it than for those its suppose to be serving. As our community grows, our local government must remain focused on accessibility, personal service, and results.

As we grow, so, too, do the number of folks in our midst who cannot afford a home or food or clothing. Clovis residents want their city to be prepared to help those folks in an organized, thoughtful way that respects their humanity and ours.

So, Clovis is more than houses, schools, and shopping centers. We are a community of distinctions based on core values and refined over a century. With care on all of our parts and a desire to live them daily, our shared values in Clovis and this Valley will serve us well for the next 100 years.