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My pledge is to continue to provide the steady, trusted, competent leadership that has defined my service on the Council – and that has helped set Clovis apart from other cities in the Valley. We need local leaders now more than ever before – and leadership measured by principles, proven by a track record and a commitment to serve the community’s interest, not an individual’s self-interest or the agenda of outside groups. Thank you for your continued confidence and for your vote in this important election.


MARCH 2, 2021

“Four generations of the Smittcamp family have proudly called Clovis ‘home.’ Over the years, we have seen many changes—but one constant has been that our most effective Councilmembers have been those who understood Clovis’ values and heritage and who could translate those into a future vision—and do it all with a heart for this community that we live in and love. That describes Lynne Ashbeck. Clovis is better because of her service. “

– Bill and Linda Smittcamp, Wawona Foods

“The day the COVID-19 ‘shelter in place orders’ were issued by the State—we sent our 36 employees home. Lynne came by our business and asked if we could make masks for hospitals and others instead of our trademark leotards. The answer was ‘of course we can’—and that allowed us to operate as an essential business and remain open during the shelter-in-place period. We sold 30,000 masks to clients around the world and kept most of our employees working.”

– LaDonna Snow, President, Snowflake Designs, Inc.

“Lynne has supported the Clovis business community since her first day on the City Council when we broke ground on the Research and Technology Park. During COVID-19, Lynne identified a community need and matched it with our capacity at Precision Plastics. We shifted from our traditional products to producing plastic face shields for hospitals across the country, allowing us to keep our workforce fully productive—and even adding jobs to meet the demand. Leaders see opportunity and make connections to support employees, businesses and our community. Lynne is very skilled at this—something she has demonstrated over the years for businesses large and small. As we recover from COVID-19, Lynne is the leader we need working on our behalf.”

– Henry Mata, CEO, Precision Plastics