“I believe local citizen engagement and transparent city government processes combine to create better access for the community, more effective processes for the taxpayers, and better long-term results for every resident.”

– Lynne Ashbeck, City of Clovis Councilmember

The protection of our unique Clovis “Way of Life” is so important because city governments that lose the traditional sense of service-to-residents also lose their performance edge and have a very hard time rebounding to their previous community standards.

Basing our governing decisions on the same basic values that have made Clovis successful for over 100 years also provides the most stable foundation for the growth of Clovis. Smart decisions and fair decision-making that maintain our long term community direction and let us keep working efficiently are the hallmarks for a responsible future.

If you have concerns or ideas, or would like to serve Clovis in any way, I invite you to act now. To me, simple, easy access to our local government has always been an unwavering Clovis characteristic and it is more important than ever before.

So, please, if you have questions or suggestions, or need assistance, please let me know. I am happy to help.