Our Issues

Public Safety

Public safety is vital to a strong community and without it, nothing else matters. Taking care of all our neighborhoods, regardless of when they were built, and keeping Clovis safe remain my highest priorities.

I am proud to have earned the support of the members of the Clovis Police and Clovis Fire Departments.  They are on the front lines every day, ensuring that our community and neighborhoods are safe for our residents.

Clovis is the safest city in the Valley because generations of elected officials and city staff have listened to residents and acted prudently. We know that if we don’t feel safe at home, on the streets and about town, very little else matters.

Safe streets and rapid emergency response continue to be our strong suit. Our Clovis public safety employees and volunteers in our police and fire departments are award-winning in the eyes of national and international professional peers, but most importantly, in the minds of all of us citizens they help keep safe.

Defining Our Community — The Clovis Difference

Clovis residents have, for generations, required civic outcomes that match their vision of a safe place and accessible government that supports strong community values, individual opportunity and family success. The Clovis difference has always been about outcomes and accountability for the city’s performance – a city that works for the residents.

Elected officials in California and other places often list political achievements, talk about difficulties in Sacramento, and begrudgingly acknowledge that they will have to do more with less almost as an excuse for failed performance. But, Clovis is NOT the same as other places.

Competence is a core community value in Clovis and a fundamental requirement for City staff and your elected city officials.

My promise is to continue doing my homework on every issue, to be respectful when there are differences, and to treat everyone who comes before our Council with respect at every step of the process.

Above all else, we must all continue demanding thorough, thoughtful competence in our all of our decisions, our behaviors and our civic processes.

The Power Of A Long-Range Vision

The amount and pace of change affecting national, state and local government reinforces the need for community stewardship at all levels: choosing ‘service over self-interest.’

In Clovis, our voters expect us to spend tax dollars wisely and always act for the greater community good. Our city has had a vision of what is possible for generations, and our most respected city leaders have consistently acted with an understanding of the impact their decisions will have on the community fifty (50) years in the future. That is a value I embrace.

We all must believe in and require the power of a long-range vision for our city, especially in the difficult current times that burden our nation, our state, even the best managed California communities.

The goal I originally set and still hold for my participation in our local government is to not be distracted – but to focus on the things we can control and that matter most in Clovis and that make Clovis a special community.

-Lynne Ashbeck, City of Clovis Councilmember